Tech Finds of the Week

Paying Attention in a Digital Age – what does it mean to “pay attention” when cell phones/computers are involved?

5 Tips for Flipping the Elementary Classroom – flipping seems harder in elementary classrooms.  Here are some great tips.

8 Cool Twitter Tools for the wannabe Power User – more great twitter tips and tricks.

Three Examples of Using Instagram in a K-12 Setting – some great concrete ideas on uses for instagram.

Creating Connections on their Own – an awesome post about the importance of teaching students to create their own connections.

How to Use Padlet: A Fantastic Tool for Teaching – padlet is an awesome tool.  If you haven’t used it before this guide will help get you started and also gives plenty of new ideas for people who have already tried it out.

10 Google Apps Tips Every Teacher Should Know – a list of useful shortcuts and other knowledge that will help make life easier.

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