Tech Finds of the Week

Ideas for Personalizing Learning in the Younger Grades – Great blog post for personalizing learning and projects in the K-2 classroom. I particularly enjoyed her suggestions for student self reflection and goal setting with a gold star goal from the teacher. I would to hear if anyone tries this out!

Google Forms and Reading Conferences – Some cool ideas on how to build a google form to help manage reading conferences.

How to Provide Kids with Screentime That Supports Learning – a resource for teachers of younger students (or parents of younger children).  Some interesting ideas and prompts to support work students are doing with apps/devices.

10 Must Have Tools for a BYOD Classroom – a few new tools here that are worth checking out

6 Steps to Teaching Students to Search – teaching how to search for information is super important, but also very challenging.  This guide breaks this process down into 6 simple steps

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